In July 2016, the last company in the world, Funai, ceased the production of VHS equipment. Making the widespread casette format irrevocably obsolete, the VHS is now freed from the hands of the media industry, and a video ecological crisis has emerged where we must re-use casettes and repair machines, until the last magnetic tape wears out.

In the light of this de-capitalization, VHS-FABRIKKEN (The VHS Factory) emerged to fight for video's future. We are a research center founded to explore:
How does the decapitalization of video affect our understanding of the video format?
By purchasing obsolete equipment, VHS-fabrikken is accumulating a range of video archaeological tools with the ultimate goal of monopoly. VHS-fabrikken is exactly a A/V capitalist that owns the "means of production", providing our industrial machines to A/V workers in exchange for their labour and ownership of the final products.

We operate between the borders of art project, association and company, and work as a critical design based on the capitalist premise.
  • We perform and produce with our equipment, e.g. for visuals, in workshops and so on.
  • We collaborate with artists and other clients in order to unite their visual appearance with analog video aesthetics.
  • We facilitate workshops, talks and screenings in order to promote and educate people in the magic of analog video.
  • We research and develop on the topic of analog video, video archaeology and setups for workshops.
It is our philosophy to release our video archives under a non-commercial Creative Common licence in order to promote video graphics. Our association is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

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