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In July 2017, the last company in the world, Funai, ceased the production of VHS equipment. Making the widespread casette format irrevocably obsolete, the VHS is now freed from the hands of the media industry, and a video ecological crisis has emerged where we must re-use casettes and repair machines, until the last magnetic tape wears out.

In the light of this de-capitalization, VHS-FABRIKKEN (The Video Manufacturing Company) emerged to fight for video's future. Using an assembly line setup of the company's equipment, we encourage all AV-workers of the world to participate in a non-stop 24 hour "video marathon" where we will record 24 hours of VHS in real time. Our means of production will facilitate a working environment of direct electronic manipulation of the video broadcast in order to celebrate the feature which separates the VHS from film and file - the analog signal can be blended, bended and breaked, while the cathode ray tube still shimmers and the faithful video casette recorder graphs the voltage of the circuit.

For the workshop VHS-FABRIKKEN installs equipment such as video synthesizers, mixers, camera and computer, but we also encourage participants to bring their own works and tools, whether it's sound, video, text, computer graphics, performances, dance or something else. You can plug-in to the main circuit through RCA-, mini-jack- (3.5mm) or VGA-plug as well as camera and microphone.

The final product will be 6 tapes of 4 hours length each, which will be part of VHS-fabrikken's archive, and be licensed as public domain, so that other workshops can re-use our material. As far as possible, the tapes will also be converted to digital format and released through

The workshop is free, and we encourage audience and participants to come and go throughout the entire working period.
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